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It’s not everyday that your little girl turns 3, so when her birthday rolls around—you’ve got to do it up big, and that’s precisely what Kelly Clarkson did for her daughter!

Two of the 10 webisodes are now available on the app, with the rest rolling out in pairs from 10am every Saturday.

Guy, girl, just saying -- 'Timeless,' put that song on from Justin to Kelly -- you can't fight it!

" In addition to answering questions about her former "Idol" beau, Clarkson answered Cohen's question about her alleged Miley Cyrus diss. News reports that during the 2013 MTV Video Music awards, Clarkson tweeted that an unidentified person at the show sounded like a "pitchy stripper." Though Clarkson did not name anyone specifically, many social media users assumed she was referring to Cyrus. Soon I'll say the truth, and then I can blame it on the alcohol!

Kelly finally provided the answer to one of life's great mysteries during an appearance on , which everybody thought we were dating," she began.

"We DID date during - I feel like we weren't dating during the movie - but we did date a little bit.