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We did a little investigating and turned up the following on Washington's dating history: David Moscow: Washington dated actor David Moscow for four years, from 2003 to 2007, and eventually called off their engagement when she turned 30 in order to focus on herself.

(Moscow is also a Bronx, New York, native and is most known for his role as the younger Tom Hanks in the movie "Big.") "Turning 30 was a time when I thought, 'Wait a second.

” posts, which can be dangerous because sometimes, you don’t want to know. A few months ago, for instance, my kid got into a 90’s sitcom I had introduced him to, and I looked up one of the actors and made some unsettling discoveries going through his Faceobok profile. I wrote a post about it, but I pulled it down 5 minutes later.

Yet when it comes to her personal life, Washington is as much of a mystery as her character on the hit ABC series, where she plays crisis management leader Olivia Pope -- who also happens to be the love of the president of the United States' life. Washington's pretty tight-lipped when it comes to her personal drama (either Washington really hasn't dated anybody in the past five years, or she has a really, really good PR team).

So who the 36-year-old beauty been romantically linked to?

Speaking of that 12-year-old, his name is David Moscow.

Kerry Washington: "Scandal" star, female lead across Leonardo Di Caprio and Jamie Foxx in "Django Unchained," and one of People magazine's most beautiful people of 2013.