When to kiss while dating

Quick Kiss – A quick kiss on the lips, during a new dating relationship, usually means ‘I like you’ or ‘I had fun’.

This is a definite sign that the person is feeling passionate and uninhibited in their physical relationship with you.Open-eyed Kiss – If you realize that the other person is not closing their eyes when you kiss them, this means that they are a spectator rather than a participant. Uninvolved Kiss – Does it seem like the other person is less involved in the kissing than you are?This may be a sign that they are preoccupied with other things. Full-mouth Kiss – Their eyes are closed and the kiss is lingering. When you make the decision to gather up your courage and move into action, you’ll demonstrate social mastery and a high level of self confidence. I receive dozens of e-mails like this one, from readers all asking about the same subject : KISS HER ! When I say that kissing means seducing, I’m weighing my words carefully.