Reggie bush dating

Once described as the most dangerous men in Britain, the Kray twins were never shy about posing for the camera.

And as these unseen images show, they revelled in their hard-man reputations right from the start.

While Reggie still hasn’t been found dating anyone of the darker color, Reggie is still dating some chicks with some pretty large assets.

Peep the page #’s to see the models and one who looks exactly like Kim.

It is what the French call 'le coup de foudre', a bolt of lightning - which some describe as love at first sight. On other occasions, he'd take her 'up West' to places like the Astor Club, a swish nightclub off Berkeley Square in Mayfair.'She looks like Brigitte Bardot', said his friend Danny. His girl looked like a French movie star - yet she was from the mean streets of the East End, just like him. Correspondence from that time reveals the truth of Reggie's obsession with Frances.

During their 'honeymoon' period in 1960, Reggie took to meeting Frances outside her office in the Strand after she'd finished work. But Frances's own responses were mature and clear thinking, given her age.

Above, Ronnie (left) and Reggie Kray with older brother Charlie's son Gary in Bethnal Green.

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