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His reaction was apparently for Anitha’s statement that there has been a lot of development in the state after TDP has come to power.Despite Anitha lodging her complaint on April 19, the police hadn’t lodged a complaint and had warned Ravikiran that he could be booked under the SC/ST Atrocities Act.While you may not agree with everything Warner has to say, anyone who’s ever chanted Nirvana’s ‘all in all is all we are’ or experienced the happiness “angry music” can bring, will get it. It’s not a religion in the traditional sense—I usually say it’s not a religion—there are people who say it is and some of those people would give reasons that make sense and I could agree and say, ok, well if that’s what you mean by religion then maybe it is—but my take on it is that it’s not a religion.But that doesn’t throw away all the useful things that religions have.In the same way that if you stick your hand in a fire, you’re gonna go ‘ouch,’ in the same way that if you do things that go against what you ‘ought’ to do, there are gonna be consequences.

There’s not a god standing out there who’s gonna punish you for doing wrong things, but there is cause and effect to every action.

This did not stop him from posting hate comments against TDP on the Political Punch page though.

One look at the FB page & one can see many similar derogatory comments and commentary on the page.

Read it with fair warning but here's the relevant opening line:"Wanted to take time today to shout out my real fans & thank you for the continuous support.

A black teen punched in the mouth by a Bakersfield officer and bitten by a police dog after she was mistaken for a male suspect represents the latest in a series of issues facing the beleaguered police department in California's San Joaquin Valley.