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Gallner plays a children’s author, who rents a strange apartment where there’s a magical door in the closet that allows those who go through it to erase mistakes from their past.While he was once happy to facilitate the passage of the random strangers summoned to his apartment, he soon begins to question why he himself is not allowed to go through.The film is written and directed by Oliver Thompson and produced by Thompson, Bay Dariz, Gallner and Quinn. Gallner starred in “American Sniper.” Sam Scupp negotiated the deal on behalf of Film Buff.

He was a series regular during the second season and the main antagonist during the second season finale. He's really taken on this character," said Close, who plays a Defense Intelligence Agency agent in the film.Mara, 31, has been with Mc Dowell for about six years.In the video, Hasil is quite taken with supermarket cashier Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) and is hoping she’ll accompany him on a date.“Maybe get some chicken wings and some beer,” Hasil suggests.