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Upon entering high school, Hiyama believed he could "finally start pursuing his dream of not participating in any school clubs," but ends up being reluctantly dragged into his high school's radio club due to his friend, who has been schoolmates with him since middle school, wanting to join the club yet doesn't want to enter the club alone.

Hiyama noted his high school radio club experience was "far more interesting" than he expected, "we get to plan on what to broadcast for morning assembly, and not only that, we even produce our own radio dramas." It was through his interest in radio dramas, along with the awareness of the voice acting boom of the 70s and 80s that made Hiyama took notion early on that there were career opportunities in voice acting and that Tokyo has the training schools for them.

Keiko then approaches him, and he suddenly remembers the moment when she kissed him. He replies and said that Yusuke is the only one skipping gym classes when the items were stolen, and add a snide comment about his mother, which enraged him, and as he was about to punch him, Koenma suddenly enters the scene and begins telling him about his first mission.

Yomi lost his sight when his eyes were slashed by a sword during an ambush.

They came back to reality and he pulled out the pen from Mr. Takanaka asks him to explain, but he still denied and told him that Yusuke slipped it on his pocket and walks out after that.

Koenma now tells him to go to work, but he told he'll do that after he gets his revenge. Having already gotten his revenge, Koenma further explains the case to Yusuke in a warehouse.

Meanwhile, on the Human World, Yusuke is being waken up by his mother.

He returns to school that day, and when he tries to join a conversation between two students, they ran away from him thinking he was a ghost.