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Imagine if every animal and plant on the planet collapsed into a single population each, says ecologist Gerardo Ceballos.

If lions disappeared except from one small corner of Kenya, the prey they keep in check would run amok everywhere else.

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Si hay algo que no encuentras, ponte en contacto con nosotros, seguro que lo tenemos.“Or we might able to keep California condors alive forever, but if there are just 10 or 12 individuals, they won’t be able to survive without human intervention.We’re missing the point when we focus just on species extinction.”He and his colleagues, Paul Ehrlich and Rodolfo Dirzo, have now tried to quantify those local losses.If sparrows were no more except in one Dutch forest, the seeds that sparrows disperse would stay in place everywhere else.If honeybees became isolated to one American meadow, the flowers that they pollinate would fail to reproduce everywhere else.