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She loves traveling, and at 18, she spent a month in India where she got ill and was cured by a clinical nutritionist.She calls herself a chef, food writer and food consultant on her official website.It seems one student has got totally lost in the concept of what a ‘fun fact’ is.A teacher gave their students the activity of coming up with a few fun facts to tell the rest of the class.

Besides being the undisputed hottie of One Direction and becoming a high-fashion fan (he’s basically being the biggest stan ever for Alessandro Michele’s Gucci), Harry has found lots of time to play the field, racking up a track record that exceeds his years —literally.But what makes this even funnier is that the teacher was even more baffled than the rest of us, actually noting down: ‘Who would believe this? It appeared on a Photoshopped version of the front page of the National Examiner which Harry has been asked questions about: ‘Are you wanting to confirm it?’ next to the fun ‘fact’ that suggested Barack Obama was gay. ’ ‘No particularly, no.’ It turned out the original cover didn’t even have Harry Styles on it.A source close to the "Sign of the Times" singer told the website that they are not seriously in love and are only getting to know each other.However, every time they meet, they have a great time together. She is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef and food blogger who has a huge following on Instagram. She was born in London in 1990, which makes her 27.