Dating agirl

This is California, 75 degrees year round, we ain’t got time for that! She probably went to high school with a celebrity, or at least takes a yoga class with one.Yes, we know we need it, and it keeps the earth pretty and green, but the constant “OMG DUDE its raining!! Your non-speaking role in that hemorrhoid ad isn’t going to impress her.Many locals tend to be old-fashioned when it comes to family values. Shoes are dirty and meant to be left outside on the porch. There are a lot of tourists in Hawaii, and as with any large group of people, there are bound to be a few silly questions asked along the way.

She's too nice to drink black coffee, but is a bit of a rebel and does it anyways.Get used to kale smoothies, 6am yoga sessions, and organic everything. Say hello to a 13-mile hike followed by an afternoon bike to the local farmer’s market. We live and die for animal style fries and won’t be swayed. If you are preppy and like to get dressed up, it will be an uphill battle.No more buffalo wings and nachos on game day, get used to the idea of chips, hummus, and guacamole. From car club meet-ups to hangover cures, In-N-Out is the only burger joint worth breaking the organic-only rules for. She’s been around surfers and beach bums her whole life who live in board shorts and walk around shirtless, leggings are “dressed up”.If the thought of a quake, sends you running, a Cali girls probably aren’t for you. Once is starts drizzling, prepare for the complaints. Well, most songs are written about California girls, so she has her reasons. From the Beach Boys to Katy Perry, being from California makes you feel extra special, so expect her to feel that way. Most native Californians have lived through a few big ones, and she will think you are silly if you freak out over a little tremor. She probably isn’t headed to the gym, and she didn’t just leave the gym.